Welcome to this wiki about egalitarian structures!

The purpose of this wiki is to help me to organise my thoughts about non-capitalist, egalitarian and democratic structures - or other worlds. I'm interested in their principal characteristics and how they successfully reproduce, evolve and sometimes dissolve over time. At present this is personal wiki - I'm the only contributor. However, if I'm broadly happy my efforts, I might just make it more widely available.

'for about 98 percent of our existence as a ​species (and for four million years before then), our ancestors lived in small, largely nomadic hunting-and-gathering bands...It was in this context that human nature evolved...(we also) got along quite well for the greater part of prehistory without so much as a paramount chief'

Marvin Harris (1989) Our Kind: Who We Are, Where We Came From, Where We Are Going (p.42)